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Last Updated: 25-02-2023

This website,, is owned and operated by Made By Sparky Proprietorship, a company incorporated in India and having its registered address at F-201, D15, Shree Ji Valley, Bicholi Mardana, Indore, MP, 452016 (Hereby Referred to as “Made By Sparky”, “Company ”, “us” or “we”).

This website,, is owned and operated by Made By Sparky Proprietorship, a company incorporated in India and having its registered address at F-201, D15, Shree Ji Valley, Bicholi Mardana, Indore, MP, 452016 (Hereby Referred to as “Made By Sparky”, “Company ”, “us” or “we”).


This website,, is owned and operated by Made By Sparky Proprietorship, a company incorporated in India and having its registered address at F-201, D15, Shree Ji Valley, Bicholi Mardana, Indore, MP, 452016 (Hereby Referred to as “Made By Sparky”, “Company ”, “us” or “we”).

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Terms of Service: Services Provided by Made By Sparky For consulting, creative and product services in the field of advertising and digital marketing by Made By Sparky (MADEBYSPARKY.

1. Validity

  • Made By Sparky (Hereinafter Referred to As (”MadeBySparky”) Shall Render the Consulting and Services to the Client As Agreed Upon in an Individual Contract (Hereinafter Referred to As the “Contract”).
  • The Present General Terms of Service [“Tos”] Apply to All Present and Future Consulting and Services Performed By MadeBySparky for the Client, Even If the Tos Are Not Explicitly Referred to in the Contract. Any Terms and Conditions Stipulated By the Client Shall Apply Only If Expressly Accepted in Writing By MadeBySparky.

2. Cooperation between the parties to the contract

  • MadeBySparky Shall Receive From the Client All the Documents, Information, and Data Necessary to Deliver the Agreed Services in the Form As Requested By MadeBySparky. As Far As MadeBySparky Creates or Adapts Designs or Provides Design Services for the Client Under This Contract, the Client Shall Provide to MadeBySparky a Complete Requirement in the Form That MadeBySparky Requests. The User Requirements Specification Shall Become Binding As Soon As MadeBySparky Consents to It in Writing. Upon Request, MadeBySparky Shall Provide Support to the Client in Drawing Up the User Requirements Specification Against Separate Compensation.
  • The Client Shall Use Its Best Efforts to Support MadeBySparky in Delivering the Services and Take All the Measures Required to Attain the Project Goals Which do Not Expressly Fall Under the Obligations of MadeBySparky. The Client Shall Keep Additional Copies of All Data Handed Over to MadeBySparky on Its Own Premises to Ensure That Restoration Will be Possible in Case the Data Is Damaged or Lost. Support As Well As Services and Products to be Supplied By the Client Shall be Provided at No Cost to MadeBySparky.
  • Each Party Shall Name to the Other Party an Appropriately Qualified Employee (Point OF Contact) Who Shall be Capable of Providing Relevant Information Required for the Contract to be Executed and of Either Taking or Initiating Any Necessary Decisions.

3. Service delivery

  • The Schedule and the Detailed Services Shall be Defined in the Contract. Unless Otherwise Agreed Upon, MadeBySparky Shall Deliver the Services on Its Own Premises. As Far As MadeBySparky Performs Activities on the Client’s Premises, the Client Shall Provide Adequately Equipped Workplace(s).

4. Changes in deadlines and scope of services

  • The Scheduled Deadlines Agreed Upon in the Contract Shall be Extended Appropriately If MadeBySparky Is Prevented From Delivering the Agreed Services for Reasons for Which MadeBySparky Is Not Responsible. Reasons for Which MadeBySparky Is Not Responsible Shall, Without Limitation, Include Any Delays or Substandard Products/services/support Supplied By the Client, Natural Disasters, Changes in Laws or Lockouts (“Force Majeure”). Any Additional Expenses Arising to MadeBySparky From Such Events Shall be Borne By the Client.
  • Changes in the Scope of Services in Terms of Quality And/or Quantity (Change Requests), Especially Changes in the Client Requirements Specification or the Accepted Specifications, Shall be Subject to Written Agreement, with the Related Deadlines and Compensations Having to be Adjusted Accordingly. Unless Otherwise Agreed Upon, MadeBySparky Shall Provide Extra Services Only Against Applicable Payment to be Agreed in Advance in Writing.

5. Remuneration and retention of title

  • Unless Otherwise Agreed Upon, MadeBySparky Shall Calculate the Amounts Payable in Compensation on the Basis of Project Fee or Hourly Rates Specified in the Contract. The Amounts Payable Shall be Charged at the End of Each Month on the Basis of the Reports on Services Delivered Submitted By MadeBySparky. As Far As MadeBySparky Provides Services at Fixed Prices (Fixed or All-in Prices), MadeBySparky Shall be Entitled to Request an Advance Payment of at Least Fifty Percent (50%) of the Fixed Price (Fixed or All-in Price); and Payment Dates Shall be Agreed in the Contract Dependent on the Progress of Service Delivery (“Milestones”). Irrespective of the Pricing Model, MadeBySparky Prices Shall be Always Considered Net Prices Exclusive of Gst or Any Other Applicable Taxes, Which Shall be Charged Separately.
  • Payment Shall be Due Within 15 Days From the Date of Invoice Without Deductions. Should the Client’s Default in Payment Exceed 15 Days, MadeBySparky Shall Have the Right to Cease the Delivery of All Services Without the Need of So Notifying the Client in Advance and to Make the Compensation for All Services Already Provided Immediately Due and Payable Notwithstanding Any Dates Fixed for Payment.
  • Travel Time of MadeBySparky Employees Shall be Considered Working Time. In Addition, the Client Shall Reimburse Travel Costs at the Same Rate As They Occur. In the Case of Travel By Car, the Legally Applicable Mileage-based Flat Rate (As Per Government Operated Taxis or Any Available Private Cab/taxi Services) Shall be Charged. Other Ancillary Expenses, Such As Telephone Costs, Shall be Charged As Incurred.
  • The Client Shall Not Have the Right to Withhold or Offset Payment on the Grounds of Any Warranty Claims or Other Claims Unless Approved of in Writing By MadeBySparky or Asserted By Court Order. Until the Compensation Due to MadeBySparky Has Been Paid Up in Full, Plus Interest and Cost, MadeBySparky Shall Reserve the Title to All Services and Products Delivered By MadeBySparky. Unless Otherwise Agreed Upon, the Client Shall Not Have the Right to Use the Products and Services Delivered By MadeBySparky Until Having Fully Paid Up All Amounts Due to MadeBySparky.

All Fees, Taxes and Duties Arising Under This Contract, Such As for Instance Legal Transaction Fees, Resource Purchase Fee or Withholding Taxes, Shall be Borne By the Client. In Case MadeBySparky Is Charged with Any Such Fees, Taxes or Duties, the Client Shall Fully Indemnify MadeBySparky Against Any Payments Thereof.


6. Rights to results, confidentiality

  • Unless Otherwise Agreed Upon, the Client Receives No Rights to the Results Produced By MadeBySparky Other Than Those Specifically Granted in This Section 6. Without Limiting the Generality of the Foregoing, Client Shall Not Modify, Create Derivative Works From, Distribute, Publicly Perform, Publicly Display or Sublicense the Results.
  • As Far As the Delivery of Services By MadeBySparky Includes the Delivery of Services Supplied By Third Parties, the Special Terms and Conditions (In Particular License Conditions) of the Respective Vendor Shall Prevail.
  • Each of the Parties to the Contract Shall Maintain Secrecy Vis-a-vis Third Parties Concerning All Information, Documents and Data Disclosed to Them in the Context of the Contract and Marked As Confidential. The Obligation to Maintain Secrecy Shall Not Apply to Documents, Information and Data Which Are Already General State of the Art in the Public Domain at the Time They Are Handed Over to the Respective Other Party or Later Become General State of the Art in the Public Domain. The Obligation to Maintain Secrecy Shall Remain in Effect Even After the Termination of the Contract.

7. Acceptance and warranty

  • As Far As the Creative Services (Shortly Called “Deliverables”) Are to be Created or Adapted By MadeBySparky, Such Deliverables Shall be Submitted to Acceptance Procedures By the Client Immediately After They Have Been Made Available for Acceptance. If Defects Are Identified During Acceptance, MadeBySparky Shall Remove the Defects Within a Reasonable Period of Time at No Cost to the Client and Then Make the Deliverables Available for Renewed Acceptance. If the Client Fails to Perform Acceptance Procedures for Any Reason Other Than the Presence of a Major Problem That Significantly Impairs the Use of the Deliverables, the Deliverables Shall be Considered Accepted 4 Weeks After Having Been Made Available for Acceptance.
  • Changes That Are Demanded Within the Service Period, After Acceptance of the Deliverables, Shall be Cleared By MadeBySparky Within a Reasonable Period of Time at No Cost to the Client. Client Shall Submit All Documents, Information and Data Necessary for Changes to be Done to the Deliverables, As Requested By MadeBySparky.
  • In Regard to the Creative Scope Which the Client Has Extended, MadeBySparky Shall Provide Warranty Up to Added Extension. In All Other Respects, Warranty for Deliverables Modified By the Client Without the Prior Consent of MadeBySparky Shall be Excluded, Even If a Problem Occurs in the Usage of a Non-modified Part of the Deliverable.
  • The Warranty Provisions Set Forth in Section 7 Shall Apply Mutatis Mutandis to Deliveries and Services Provided By MadeBySparky. However, As Far As the Delivery of Services By MadeBySparky Includes the Delivery of Services Supplied By Third Parties, the Special Terms and Conditions of Warranty of the Respective Vendor Shall Prevail.
  • Any Claims for Warranty or Guarantee Raised By the Client Exceeding Those Mentioned in the Present Terms of Service Shall be Excluded, Irrespective on Which Legal Grounds They Might be Based.

8. Liability

  • To the Extent Permitted By Mandatory Law, MadeBySparky Shall in No Case be Liable for Indirect Damage, Loss of Information or Data, Operating Interrupts, Loss of Earnings and Other Consequential Damages.
  • Any Warranty and Damage Claims From the Client Other Than Those Expressly Mentioned in These Terms of Service, Irrespective of the Legal Grounds They Might be Based On, in Particular Those Due to Loss or Damage Resulting From Consulting, Deliverables Provides, Technology Products or Implementation of Creative Services, Shall be Excluded Unless There Is an Obligatory Liability, As for Instance for Damage Caused Intentionally or By Gross Negligence Proved By the Client.

9. Place of legal jurisdiction and arbitration

  • All Disputes Arising Out From a Contract, Including or Related to It, Including Those Arising From or Concerning Its Interpretation, Invalidity, Performance or Termination, As Well As the Disputes for Filling Gaps in a Contract or Its Adaptation to Newly Established Facts, Shall be Settled By an Amicable Effort of Both Parties. If an Attempt at Settlement Has Failed, the Dispute Shall be Finally Referred for Resolution to Court of Arbitration in Compliance with The Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 2019.
  • The Place of Arbitration Shall be Pune, Maharashtra, India. The Procedural Law of This Seat Shall Apply Where the Rules Are Silent. The Arbitral Award Shall be Substantiated in Writing and Arbitration Procedure Shall be Conducted in the English Language.

10. Terms of Contract

  • MadeBySparky Shall Deliver the Consulting and Creative Services Either for the Duration of the Project Agreed Upon with the Client or for the Duration Agreed Upon in the Contract. As Far As Services Under This Contract Are Provided on an Ongoing Basis, Each of the Parties to the Contract Shall Have the Right to Terminate the Contract in Writing By Registered Mail Giving 1-months’ Notice.
  • Any Services Not Yet Accepted at the Time the Contract Is Terminated, Shall be Considered Completed and Compensated For, Under the Terms and Conditions of the Contract.